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Research and consultancies

The Agency for Socioeconomic Analyses is a research and consultancy company, established in 1992. ASA expertise covers a broad range of developmental issues, related to community development, rural development, migration, good governance, health, ethnic minority and social security.

In our work we apply qualitative and quantitative research instruments, including national representative surveys, in-depth and semi-structured interviews and focus groups.

We operate both as a consultancy company carrying out evaluations, rapid assessments and in-depth qualitative research and as a survey agency, providing data collection, data processing data analyses in nation-wide sample surveys. On ad-hoc basis we are coordinating 28 data collection teams, located in all 28 districts in Bulgaria, enabling us to perform surveys on large samples.

14 February 2014. At an international conference  in Sofia together with the Institute for Economic Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, we presented preliminary data fr...
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